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Devotion to our planet is only possible by reconnecting with oneself

Covid times has brought about some very inspiring experiences and some very painful ones. No one could have been prepared for the inner journey we would all need to take. It hasn’t just been a time of quiet around the world. It has also been a time of quiet within. My quest for the past few years has been to grow our consciousness as a collective to be better guardians for our planet. However my desire to do this could never fully materialise until I could become a better guardian for myself. Until I was fully connected with myself. I have been half showing up my whole life. Half showing up for the planet. Because I was hiding my true identity as a being. 

Seeking clarity through the fog

When I was 12 years old I lost my mum to cancer. She was in hospital for just over 3 months. Before she died, the doctors thought she was well enough to come home to our beautiful villa in the south of France. It was her sanctuary. With her bare hands and with the help of incredible gardeners, she resurrected a very damaged mill with hundreds of acres of land into a wonderland of flowers of such beauty.

I was so excited that my mum could finally come home so she could be reunited with her flowers for one day. I choreographed a dance for her. I loved to dance and I wanted to show her how much I loved her. How much I wanted her to come home. To get better. I wanted to make her laugh, smile, and forget all the shit that she was going through. With the help of my best friends, we put a dance together for her. However I never got a chance to show her, because she never came home. She died a few days later. 

Our failures lead to our successes

For 28 years I have buried this memory. I didn’t realise that day had cemented a feeling in me that my creativity was worthless. My choreographed dance could not save my mother, so what was the point in even trying. My whole life I have been terrified to show myself. To speak my truth. To publish my written work. To present my ideas. Because inside of me I was already defeated.

Since 2017 I have wanted to show up for our planet. To showcase my ideas and learnings from years of travelling, speaking to experts, working with eco businesses. However something was always holding me back. I believed that my creativity was worthless and could never serve a purpose. I realise now that we cannot control the outcome. We can only try our best. And try again until we succeed. In Davidji’s own wise words: ‘we transform the world by transforming ourselves’.

All our experiences are a catalyst to help us each day to become more resilient, more loving and more understanding. They are a catalyst to bring us back to our true selves. To become the beautiful butterfly the caterpillar must struggle out of its cocoon. And this is no different for ourselves. We must shed the layers to reveal what is truly important to us.

We transform the world by transforming ourselves.


Showing up for our purpose

I couldn’t show up for our planet all these years because I hadn’t shown up for myself. We can only show up for others and for the causes we believe in when we fully show up for ourselves. When we fully let ourselves be seen for the person we are. What we truly believe in. There is so much freedom and beauty in showing ourselves naked for the world to see. That is the day we can show up selflessly because there is nothing to hide. And we can be fully present and of service to others, our planet and our causes. 

We all have painful and shameful memories from our past. However it is in our hands to not let these experiences define us, but instead help us transform into our most powerful and authentic selves.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

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