A Little Bit About Me & YGS

Hi friend! Thanks for visiting my blog.
I'm Sophie 🙂

I launched YGS after living in Bali in 2016 and 2017 and witnessing the devastating impact that mass tourism and the accumulation of plastic trash was having (and still is) on the island. 

My goal with this blog and my Instagram page is to share practical ideas, resources and worldwide learnings to live more in harmony with nature, minimise our impact and make more conscious decisions when it comes to consumption, not just where we live but also in the places we travel to. All the things we experience regarding trash and changes to our planet is a global responsibility. 

sustainability writer

Every decision, however small, can positively contribute to a healthier and happier planet, and ultimately to a much happier and inclusive society. 

If you are a leader, change-maker or nature entrepreneur, then please reach out to me. I am always searching for inspiring stories around local and global impact movements that are working towards a sustainable future and a more conscious way of living. 

Feel free to connect and email me with any questions @: sophie-at-yourgreenstory-dot-com